Green House

The Future of High-Tech Farming

What is Greenhouse Farming?

Greenhouse is a framed structure covered with glass film (transparent and translucent) in which plants are grown under the partially or fully controlled environment. The greenhouse technology has considerable importance in better space utilization, growing crops in extreme climatic conditions, cultivation of off – season crops, and high rainfall areas. The plastics film used in greenhouse act as selective radiation filters.

Jai Hanuman Irrigation LTD. Green Houses are built of a G.I. structure wherein crops are grown under a favorable artificially controlled environment and other conditions viz. temperature, humidity, light intensity, photo period, ventilation, soil media, disease control, irrigation, Fertigation and other agronomical practices throughout the season irrespective of the natural conditions outside.

Why Cultivate and Grow in a Greenhouse?

Well-implemented greenhouses in a controlled environment can be a low-cost solution to improving a farmer's productivity and profitability in countries with harsher climates. They also serve as an excellent vehicle for broadening one's farming or gardening horizons, and improving the quality of their crops.

Green House For

  • Production of vegetable crops.
  • Production of off-season flowers
  • Production of Roses, Carnation
  • Plant propagation
  • Production of rare plants, orchids / herbs


  • Reduction in labour cost
  • Easy to operate, maintain & control.
  • Trellising system for vegetable.
  • Heating system in cold climate.
  • Micro Irrigation System.

Jai Hanuman Irrigation LTD. Green Houses are available in different sizes and constructed as per customer requirement. The sizes vary from as small as 100 Sq. M to 10,000 Sq M and more.The degree of sophistication also varies from a simple polyhouse with polythein sheet covering to highly sophisticated, fully automated systems with Poly carbonate sheet roofing (double walled), PAR lightings, boom irrigation, rolling benches and full scale computerized (fully automated) systems.

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